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Pay As You Grow

Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we have a variety of website hosting packages to suite your needs. Before buying a hosting package, make sure that’s what you need and can afford, and then when you find that your business needs some more space, and maybe more acceleration for your website, you can just contact us to upgrade your package. Don’t fly too high from the start, feel the market, and then grow bigger.

Lightning Fast Services

Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we offer you the opportunity to accelerate your website’s performance with our Free Raid 10 facilities, which is 9 times faster than most which are offered at many multi-million dollar companies. Buying the cheapest hosting you can get, is not always the best opportunity, you’ll need to look a little deeper and you’ll find better hosting, for better website performance and secure peace of mind.

Free Migrations

Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we strive to better our performance day-by-day, therefore during our busy daily schedule we are willing to transfer one domain from your old hosting not bigger than one Gig. If you might have some other sub-domains you would like to transfer as well, you are welcome to do so, we won’t leave you in the dark, just send us a support ticket, and we will gladly assist you with some video tutorials…

Control Panel

Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we strive to service our clients with the best platforms out there, to make your work so much easier and less stress. Therefore we included in all our packages the Control Panel (cPanel) platform, so that your work could be done more efficient when cPanel are needed, and for those who are familiar with the cPanel, would be delighted.

Free Auto SSL

Trustworthy Hostings partnered with Let’s Encrypt, so that all of our clients may have the surety of a secure Domain URL, which is a must according Google. Therefore we decided to make sure our clients may have access to Free SSL Certificates, meaning you too may a https URL, which means you are going to have a domain like this https://www.yourdomain.com instead of the unsecured http://www.yourdomain.com.

Free Cloud-flare

Here at Trustworthy Hostings, you will have the opportunity to accelerate your website’s performance with our Free Cloud-flare facilities, which you don’t get at many of these multi-million dollar companies. Don’t just take the cheapest hosting you can get, look a little deeper and you’ll find much better hosting, with more Free facilities you need to accelerate your websites performance and secure peace of mind.

WordPress Ready

Trustworthy Hostings also provides WordPress facilities, to work on one of the best known platforms out there, with more than 60 million clients around the Globe. All you need to do is go into you Control Panel (cPanel), and install WordPress for Free, and start creating your website the way you want it. If you don’t have the skills to do it, no problem, just drop us an email or contact us via “Contact Us”, and we could arrange support to assist you for that matter.


99.9 Percent Up-time

Trustworthy Hostings are proud to service our clients with a 99.9% up-time system. Therefore there is no need to worry about how long you can work on your website, because you can stay online with our 99.9% up-time guarantee. Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we strive to keep everything in a tip-top shape, to keep our clients and ourselves happy by updating frequently on all aspects throughout the whole system.

Online Support

You don’t have to worry about Online Support, because we do have Trained Experts to assist you in all your questions. Here at Trustworthy Hostings, we strive to do our very best to assist all our clients to our very utmost. Unfortunately, we don’t work during weekends, just to give us all at least a two-day break, during a hectic 5 day week. Thanks for understanding that we are human beings as well, and also needs rest. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction! 

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Who we are?

We are a Web Hosting Company situated in South Africa. We strive to give our clients the best possible hosting platforms known out there...Upon that, is included Free SSL, Free Cloudflare, Free Domain, Free SSD (Raid 10), Free Lightspeed Cache, to basically all our packages, etc., while you don't get this for free from other BIG companies, but have to pay for it...

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About us

Welcome to Trustworthy Hostings. A few years ago I started the online business, and as I journey along, I realized that there are thousands of Web Hosting Companies out there. Thousands of them claiming to be the best, and when you join them, you’ll notice within the first three weeks or so, real good support, but as you journey along with them, support fades away, and it’s really frustrating when there is no more support.

I then decided to start Trustworthy Hostings to give our clients a better hosting platform, with the best value for money, and long lasting support, not just for a few weeks. We here at Trustworthy Hostings, strive to better our products and performance day-by-day. Therefore you’ll find that most of our Web Hosting Plans comes with a few Free products included, which other hosting companies charge you for it.

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Clients Experiences with Trustworthy Hostings…

I am glad I finally found a hosting company more valuable and worthwhile…Thanks guys!!!


Awesome user friendly site and great support…Great stuff!


Thanks Guys for the great opportunity to join you folks. I really do appreciate the
Trustworthiness and your Awesome support. Keep up the great work…

Derick Smith

For a few years now, I joined various hosting companies, trying to get the best value
for my money and time. A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Trustworthy
through a friend, and since I joined them, I experienced great support
and value for my money and time. My websites are extremely faster than before, and
did I mention all the free facilities I got here at Trustworthy Hostings, that I did
not get anywhere else for free. Trustworthy Hostings is really the best I came
across thus far.

Kallie Venter

Since I started my Domain and Website hosting with Trustworthy Hostings,
I just enjoyed every moment working on my websites and experiencing awesome
support. I can certainly refer them as trustworthy, and supportive in all aspects
concerning my needs.

Antoinette Engelbrecht