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Dear friend, Welcome to Trustworthy Hostings. My name is Deon Venter and I am the CEO and creator of Trustworthy Hostings Company. A few years ago I started the online business, and as I journey along, I found that there are thousands of web hosting companies out there, some small companies while others are big companies. Thousands of them claim to be the best, and when you join them, you’ll notice within the first three weeks or so, that the support is real good, but as you journey along, support fades away, and it’s really frustrating when there is no more support, when you need it most.

I then decided to start Trustworthy Hostings to give our clients the best hosting platform I can put together, with the best value for money, and long lasting support, not just for a few weeks. We here at Trustworthy Hostings, strive to better our products and performance day-by-day. Therefore you’ll find that most of our Managed WordPress Web Hosting Plans comes with a few Free products included, which other hosting companies charge you for it. You might wonder what do I mean by Managed WordPress/Web Hosting Packages. Well, read a little more about it Here…

Our Support team are in-house trained technicians and strive to assist all our clients to their very utmost. Unfortunately, we cannot support 24/7, because we don’t have any “Robots” working at Trustworthy Hostings, but only human beings, and all of us needs a little rest and to be with our families, and because we are not a BIG company yet.  According our Lord God Almighty’s word, we (Born again, Holy Spirit filled children of God) are not allowed to work during Sundays.

You see folks, that’s God Almighty’s law, therefore I’ll rather stick to it and get saved from this condemned world, go to heaven for eternity, and not to hell for eternity, because of denying God Almighty’s rules and regulations. Therefore, I decided that all of us here at Trustworthy Hostings, are not going to work during weekends, so that we could rather spend some time with our families, and accept God Almighty’s commands and either go to Church on Sundays, instead of working at Trustworthy Hostings and end up in hell.

While we are the topic of “Support”, let me just explain a little more about “support”, and how I feel about support. You see folks, you get the companies having support 24/7 365 days, which is great and awesome to have such quantity of time for support, BUT, I have been through hundreds of different companies and did not yet find ONE, that could satisfy my needs when I needed support, in one answer, because of the knowledge the support team has. Let me break it down a little and explain what I am talking about.

Most of the times when I asked for support on a specific issue I’m having, and explain so briefly as possible my issue, I receive answers which makes no sense at all. Now all this happens in a 24 to 48 hour bracket, meaning I sent the question and got it answered within those brackets. Then, I have to send another briefly described post about my issue I am having, and again another no sense answer within 24 to 48 brackets, and then again I have to send another follow up on that same, no sense answered post, etc. Let me cut the long story short, I’ll say 90% of my One specific question or topic posts, were finally answered within a three to four week bracket, to finally get a correct answer. Is this time consuming and frustration upon frustration, or what?

Then, you get other companies having support just from Mondays to Fridays, as from 9am until 5pm, which is kind of frustration, because many times you all of a sudden have an issue on a Friday just past working hours of that company, and then you’ll have to wait until Monday to get your issue sorted out, BUT, I found out that these support team folks, read your questions carefully and when they answer you, your issue is sorted out by just one answering post, most of the times. This is what I say is most profitable for both, you as a client or customer, as well as the company you’re dealing with, because you don’t have to send multiple times the same question back and forth. Therefore less time from your side and you can get your job done faster and less frustration.

Therefore, we at Trustworthy Hostings decided not to take up many personal for the sake of “Support” and we do the same with you folks, having support members not wanting to read your questions carefully, and give you the correct answer within one post. Therefore we have less support personal, but try our utmost to answer your question in just one post, if your question is sent to us in the most briefly describable manner of course. Trustworthy Tip: Trust me, this works perfectly…If possible, it’s best to make a small video tutorial of your complaint or issue, because that’s the best way to describe what you are struggling with, and more describable/understandable for the support team.

If you do not have some sort of camera software to make video tutorials, here is a great FREE tool, Sceencast-O-Matic which I normally use…Screencast-O-Matic can do a 15 minute video tutorial, when using the FREE option…If you do not know how to operate this tool, no need to worry, Checkout Here!

Thanks for understanding and your support, we here at Trustworthy Hostings appreciate you all. Thanks for stopping by and going through this website, I do hope you found it worthwhile to join us and make your journey with us. If any uncertainty, please contact us via the Support tab, and let us know what your concerns are.


PS! Please, please do take the time to read Trustworthy Hostings “Rules & Regulations”, before joining us, so that you know what you’re getting from us, and what we want from you as our client…Just scroll down on the “Home” page, and nearly at the bottom , you’ll notice “Rules & Regulations”…Just click on each of them listed and make sure you read them through…If you don’t want to read them all at this moment, Please do make sure you read “Terms and Conditions“, “Acceptable Use Policy” and “Anti Spam Policy” before joining us.